About us

In 1988 five guys from the Beaumont Texas area got together and were brain storming thinking of ways to make extra money to cover the cost of their hunting and fishing habits. Each man put up five hundred dollars to jump start the cause and the object was to boil some crawfish and sell them to make the extra money that they needed. Eventually that led to building a trailer and boiling units to do the job professionally and a new business was started. In 1992, Cajun Country Cookers, Inc was formed and the company began to grow. Three of the five guys dropped out over a period of time because it interfered with their jobs. Only two remained, and after a while they too were conflicted with keeping their jobs or growing their company. Going out on an adventure was scary but that is what they decided to do.

What started as an adventure grew into a real business with full time jobs and employees. We have catered events as large as 6500 people and served them in under one hour. We not only boil crawfish for banquets and private parties but we also wholesale live crawfish to businesses all over Texas and southwest Louisiana. We have a fleet of trucks equipped to deliver almost anywhere, from small amounts to 18 wheeler loads.

Jerry Davis

Vice President

Larry Dale


Justin Dale

Operations Manager
902 Bowie St., Beaumont, TX 77701
1-888-EAT-KJUN (328-5586)